11:41 pm: [CHATNOW: [You’ve entered room: - INFANTS WITH SERPENT HEAD. Thank You for using ChatNow! -  A Midview Hospital Pediatrician has been contacted and will be with you shortly!]

11:42 pm [CHATNOW: [User  Milo@MHO has entered the room.]

11:42 pm Milo@MHO:  Hello, my name is Milo! Thank you for using Midview Hospital Online. How may I assist you this evening?

11:42 pm AnonUser71: Hi

11:42 pm Milo@MHO:  Hello.

11:42 pm Milo@MHO:  How can I be of help this evening?

11:42 pm AnonUser71: Is this live?

11:42 pm AnonUser71: I’m talking to a real person

11:42 pm Milo@MHO:  Yes, this chat is live.

11:42 pm AnonUser71: k

11:42 pm AnonUser71: I didn’t know if this was a rell person

11:42 pm AnonUser71: *real

11:42 pm Milo@MHO:  Yes, I am real.

11:42 pm AnonUser71: k

11:42 pm Milo@MHO:  At least I think so.

11:42 pm Milo@MHO:   ;)

11:42 pm Milo@MHO:  A little joke. Do you have a question?

11:42 pm AnonUser71: well my kids got a snake head

11:43 pm AnonUser71: so...  .

11:43 pm AnonUser71: you tell me

11:43 pm: [CHATNOW: [User Milo@MHO has entered text.]

11:43 pm AnonUser71: you there?

11:43 pm Milo@MHO:   Hi, yes, I am here. Thanks for your patience. You are my first chat of the night!   

11:43 pm AnonUser71: ok

11:43 pm AnonUser71: we’re afraid to get near him.

11:43 pm AnonUser71: he just hisses at us and flicks his tongue out and stares at us and never blinks.

11:43 pm AnonUser71: i don’t think he sleeps

11:43 pm Milo@MHO:  I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure I can help you with whatever difficulty you’re having with your child with a serpent head.

11:43 pm AnonUser71:  k

11:43 pm AnonUser71:  ty

11:43 pm: [CHATNOW: [User Milo@MHO has entered text.]

11:43 pm AnonUser71:  hello?

11:43 pm Milo@MHO:   Thank you and I understand you’d like to chat about your infant who has a serpent head and some serpentine behavior and you’d like to learn of things you can do. Is this correct?

11:43 pm AnonUser71:  Yes.

11:43 pm AnonUser71:  he acts like a baby mostly except for his head.  

11:43 pm AnonUser71:  which acts like a snake

11:43 pm AnonUser71:  hissing and biting

11:43 pm Milo@MHO:   Alright, I’ve made a note of that.

11:43 pm AnonUser71:  thanks

11:43 pm: [CHATNOW: [User Milo@MHO has entered text.]

11:43 pm AnonUser71: bit our dog

11:43 pm Milo@MHO:  This is a big change for you. First, I will say since snakes don’t have eyelids you should attempt to get used to long stares because they’re not going away anytime soon. Your son isn’t able to blink. And furthermore, sleeps with his eyes open. So, don’t worry, even though your son may no longer have the head of a baby he will still sleep like one.

11:43 pm Milo@MHO:   :)

11:43 pm Milo@MHO:  Just with his eyes wide open

11:43 pm AnonUser71: we’re really disturbed and don’t know what to do

11:44 pm Milo@MHO:  I’ve made a note that since your baby acquired a face and head like a serpent you’ve found it difficult to adapt to this change? Is this correct?

11:44 pm AnonUser71: yes.

11:44 pm AnonUser71: very correct.

11:44 pm Milo@MHO:  Thank you, I understand. Sometimes it is helpful to remember that although it’s a big change for you and your wife, your son experiences virtually no change. Infants don’t know the difference between life with a normal head or one with a grotesque large snakehead.

11:44 pm AnonUser71: I don’t like this at all

11:44 pm Milo@MHO:   May I ask, is your child dark green or light green?

11:44 pm AnonUser71: Dark

11:44 pm AnonUser71: his little scales

11:44 pm AnonUser71: or wtv

11:44 pm Milo@MHO:   Interesting, that’s nice. You don’t see that a lot.

11:44 pm AnonUser71: long red tongue

11:44 pm Milo@MHO:  Just making a note of that.. . .

11:45 pm AnonUser71: we’re terrified, my wife won’t come out of the bathroom.She’s got the dog in there with her, we feel like we’re prisoners of some terrible tiny snake king

11:45 pm Milo@MHO:   I was going to say I hope she brought the dog in there with her! You got a hungry snake in the house now!

11:45 pm AnonUser71: this isn’t helpful to me

11:45 pm: [CHATNOW: [User Milo@MHO has entered text.]

11:45 pm AnonUser71: when it says that, does it mean we’re on a delay or something?

11:45 pm Milo@MHO:  I’ve noted your son hisses and behaves like a snake (ie; terrorizing your dog, wife) except for the rest of his baby body which acts normal like a baby. Is this correct?

11:45 pm AnonUser71: yes, I said that.

11:45 pm Milo@MHO:  Perfect! Sounds alright to me. Is there anything else I can help you with tonight?

11:45 pm AnonUser71: so thats it?

11:45 pm Milo@MHO:  What do you mean?

11:45 pm Milo@MHO:  Is there something more I can assist you with?

11:45 pm AnonUser71: no

11:45 pm AnonUser71: its just a really hard time

11:45 pm Milo@MHO:  I understand this change was dramatic and you still need time to adjust.

11:45 pm AnonUser71: yes.

11:45 pm AnonUser71: put him to bed at night then in the morning his whole head was just fangs and hissing

11:45 pm Milo@MHO:  That’s exactly how it happens.

11:45 pm AnonUser71: do we need to bring it in somewhere?

11:45 pm Milo@MHO:  I think you can bring it anywhere you like.

11:45 pm AnonUser71: No, I mean do we need to do anything with it, register it or something

11:45 pm AnonUser71: I don’t know we’re a mess

11:45 pm Milo@MHO:  Some places may look at you funny, that don’t allow pets, but just explain that it’s not a large snake, it’s your baby son, and that should be enough. It’s more common than you think.

11:45 pm AnonUser71: ok

11:45 pm AnonUser71: everything else sounds ok though? it’s normal.

11:46 pm AnonUser71: is it a normal thing?

11:46 pm Milo@MHO:  Besides being a hungry boy,  I haven’t heard anything to lead me to think otherwise.

11:46 pm AnonUser71: ok

11:46 pm Milo@MHO:  It’s good! You should be proud, what more could you ask for?

11:46 pm AnonUser71: our old son back

11:46 pm Milo@MHO:   He’s no different than your old son, remember that.

11:46 pm AnonUser71: with no snake head

11:46 pm Milo@MHO:   Just carry on as if his head hadn’t became like a serpent’s and soon you won’t even notice it.

11:46 pm AnonUser71: feed him mice or something?

11:46 pm Milo@MHO:   Yes. Mice or smaller snakes.

11:46 pm AnonUser71: ok

11:46 pm Milo@MHO:  Unfortunately, at this time we do not know why some baby’s heads are turning into snake heads overnight but there isn’t anything unhealthy sounding about your child.

11:46 pm AnonUser71: ok.

11:47 pm AnonUser71:  thank you

11:47 pm Milo@MHO: May I help you with anything else?

11:47 pm [CHATNOW: [User AnonUser71 has left the room.]

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