2016 Official Chicken Prayer Bank

Chickens Beloved

You're moments away from having me pray for your chicken

2016 Official Chicken Prayer Bank

The In Memoriam video shows how many significant Chickens this year we've already lost. Now it's your turn to give something back. 

Now select your chicken and let your prayer be voiced. Our staff is standing by, waiting to give your chicken the prayer it deserves. 

Fill out the form below ---don't forget to include the Chicken's name--- then leave the rest to us. . . . 

Is the nation's largest active Chicken Prayer Bank dedicated to recently deceased and noteworthy chickens to strengthen their legacy through continuous prayer. 

By filling out the Prayer Card Form below you are adding YOUR PRAYER for the deceased chicken of your choice which will instantly be given to a member of our devoted staff and a prayer will immediately follow. 

I'm praying for your chicken right now

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