eat the horses

A common misconception people believe about horses is that they sleep. But anyone who knows horses can tell you they don't. They wait till everyone's asleep and then they grind their teeth and wait for us to die. They know it's a matter of time before it's their turn. If we don't wise up they'll be right. 

Ha-ha-ha. Oh sure, laugh it  up. There's nothing funny about a world where our children go hungry while horses roam free. There's not enough room and resources for us both. Or have it your way, hope you like grass.

 Horse over population is a real thing, a nuisance. Every horse born out of captivity is an ecological problem. These aren't just talking points. It's real life. These animals literally just trot around like everyday is the beginning of a three-day-weekend when they could be a sustainable food source for tens of thousands. It's time to get smart and get horse meat back onto the dinner plates of our neediest cases. 

Most of us wake up safely in bed and never have to deal with horses. A growing number of people in this country aren't so lucky. We must stop putting off the inevitable. We have to face this issue now and together. Today. 

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